Django Admin Fu, part 2

Continuing with the [Django Admin Fu post part 1]({% post_url 2014-11-04-django-admin-pt-1 %}).

Action with Intermediate Page

Sometimes you may need an admin action that, when submitted, takes the user to a form where they provides some additional detail. The docs mention a bit about providing intermediate pages, but not a lot. It states:

Generally, something like [writing a intermediate page through the admin] isn’t considered a great idea. Most of the time, the best practice will be to return an HttpResponseRedirect and redirect the user to a view you’ve written, passing the list of selected objects in the GET query string. This allows you to provide complex interaction logic on the intermediary pages.

I do see where the docs are coming from and it would probably be easier to do as advised, but I think there could be something said about keeping all admin logic within the admin page. Doing something like the following would take the user to an intermediate form.