I’ve been putting some time into building out the Django Admin site for one of my company’s projects. Here are some notes I’ve taken about straying away from the beaten path. I find surprisingly little information about how to do these things on StackOverflow or elsewhere. These were put used when working with Django 1.6.7.

Fake The Model, Make The View

You may want a form on the Django Admin that exists along side the model views but doesn’t actually represent a model. This strays somewhat from what the Django Admin is set up to do (some on the #django channel on Freenode have stated that the admin should only be for CRUD operations on Django models.) None-the-less, if you do want to inject a form into the admin along side your models, this is a method that worked for me.

It revolves around generating a fake model that you register to your app’s admin view. After that, you create a model admin that inherits from the standard ModelAdmin.

See more in part 2.