Hello recruiter!

Thanks for reaching out. You likely received a link to this page from me in response to a message you sent me via email or LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I am unable to schedule phone calls with every recruiter that contacts me. For this reason I have created this page that should help streamline our communication. It aims to answer common questions you may have and to outline criteria so that we can quickly identify if I am the right person for the role you're looking to fill.

Quick Links:

Am I currently looking for a new job?

No, I am actively not looking for a new position (I will remove this sentence if that changes). As a general rule, I stay at a company for at least a year (although my average is closer to 3 years), so if my resume reflects that I have been at my current employer for less than a year it is unlikely that I am interested in a change. With that said, you are always welcome to send me any job roles that you think I would be crazy to pass up. I will always respond to these messages letting you know if they are or are not a good fit.

What types of roles interest me

I'm interested in working on jobs that:

I don't expect any role to touch on all of the above details, however more is better.

What types of roles do not interest me

At this time, I am likely not the right fit for jobs that:

These are not deal-breakers, however working around these criteria would likely require a very good fit.

How to send me a job role

Using the same line-of-communication that you used to initially contact me, please send me a message with the following information:

To save time on both of our parts, I am only available to schedule a phone conversation after reviewing the above information. After receiving the above information, I will get back to you shortly with a determination of whether or not the role is the right fit for my current needs.

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