I'm a GIS Developer / Cartographer / Pythonista / Open Source celebrant from the Northwest of the United States. I'm currently employed with OspreyInformatics, a Calgary-based startup. While my professional background lies mainly with ocean data, I'm a lover of all types of spatial data. I maintain and occasionally develop the LivingCityMap, an to effort spatially index all things happening in Seattle, Portland, and elswhere. I get my fix of what's new and fresh from Seattle's so-very-active OSGeo chapter, CUGOS.

When I'm not writing code, you can typically find me walking my dog in Calgary AB, making curries, or riding my bike.

This blog is primarily intended to be a place for me to post small tips and tricks that I come across while working on projects. Topics will typically revolved around Open Source tools and the Unix toolchain. Occasionally, I'll go into greater depth about tools and methods that I am experimenting with at any given time. At any rate, I hope that it's as useful for you as it is for me.

My Bike